FS Dumont d’Urville Delivered

January 28, 2019 (Google Translation) – On January 16, 2019 in Brest, CA Catard, an organic deputy in Brest of the admiral commanding the Naval Action Force, was aboard the BSAOM Dumont d’Urville to pronounce the passage of the vessel from civilian status to that of military. Marked by the first lifting of the colors, this ceremony was also the occasion of the presentation of pennant to the unit and the taking of command of the CC Matthieu Graff.

Chance of the calendar? This ceremony coincided with the 77th anniversary of the participation of the colonial adviser Dumont d’Urville at the Battle of Koh Chang (16 and 17 January 1942). During this little-known battle in the history of the Second World War, the aviso colonial, along with four other French ships, inflicted heavy losses on the Thai navy (five disabled ships).

4th in the BSAOM series (formerly B2M), the Dumont d’Urville was built at the Piriou shipyards of Concarneau. After a phase of additional work, tests and training of the crew, the ship will leave the city next spring to join Fort de France, its future base port.

Rear-Admiral Thierry CATARD, ALFAN’s organic deputy in Brest, presides over the ceremony of taking the first armament of the “Dumont d’Urville” Support and Assistance Building (Overseas Support and Assistance Building) on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. This is made up of the navy taking responsibility for the building, followed by the first ceremony of colors, followed by command of Lieutenant Commander GRAFF and ending with the handing over of the unit flag.

Her missions will be divided into the following four main areas:
– Presence, surveillance and protection of French interests in EEZs;
– intra theater projection with civilian or military forces;
– logistical support for French local authorities;
– safeguarding and assisting the population.

In addition, this 4th BSAOM will be equipped with a davit to board a ECUME (multi-purpose commando boat) which will give it a complementary operational capability.