RFS Boykiy Integrates with Shore Units for Missile Tests

January 24, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the corvette “Boykiy” and the calculations of the coastal complexes “Ball” of the Baltic Fleet performed a joint rocket firing at the ship of the conditional enemy

The launches were carried out by the crew of the corvette in the course of working out the element of the second course task of combat with a single enemy ship and means of air attack.

In the designated area of ​​the Baltic Sea, the crew of the corvette carried out electronic launches from the Uran strike missile system against a target that simulates a warship.

In order to reduce the visibility of the corvette for tracking the “enemy”, when performing rocket firing, the crew made passive jamming with PC-10 and PC-16 complexes.

Earlier, the crew of the “Boykiy” also completed exercises on setting up electronic jamming, conducted exercises to combat the survivability of the ship on the move, passing through narrowness and swimming in reduced visibility conditions, and also performed a number of anti-sabotage measures.

Simultaneously with the corvette, a naval target from a positional area on the coast of the Kaliningrad region was attacked by the calculations of the Bal coastal missile systems. The servicemen made a march on combat vehicles to areas of firing positions, where they quickly deployed launchers of complexes designed to fight surface ships and protect the coast in amphibious areas.

Having received target designation, the combat crews made an electronic launch of the missile at the sea target. Objective control devices confirmed one hundred percent defeat of the target.

At the same time, the front-line bombers of the Su-24M naval aviation fleet flew over the sea, then the aircraft worked out conditional strikes by aviation weapons of destruction on surface targets in the naval landfills together with the Corvette Boykiy and the calculations of the Ball.

anti-ship cruise missile “Uran” is designed to destroy high-speed sea surface ships operating independently or as part of convoys and airborne units day and night in simple and complex meteorological conditions, as well as in radio electronic and fire counteraction.

The “Ball” complex is intended for coastal defense forces in order to protect territorial waters, naval bases, coastal infrastructure and for anti-amphibious defense of the coast. “Ball” is equipped with anti-ship missile.