JMSDF Observes North Korean Fuel Transfer Operations

January 24, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the afternoon of January 18 (Fri) Heisei 21 (Fri), a North Korean flagship tanker “AN SAN No. 1” (IMO number: 7303803) and a small ship unknown to the ship were offshore of the East China Sea ( offshore of 410 km south of Shanghai ) Omi “(Sasebo) belonging to the Maritime Self-Defense Force 1st Offshore Supply Corps confirmed that he was porting (steering) at the Self-Defense Force.

Both vessels had been engaged in some kind of work since they had connected the ferrule (hose) after having ported (sideways), and as a result of comprehensive judgment by the government, it was prohibited by the UN Security Council Resolution It is strongly suspected that we were implementing “Takeshi” (Note) which is being done.

In addition, the North Korean flagged tanker “AN SAN 1” is a ship designated as a subject for freeze / entry of the property from the United Nations Security Council North Korea Sanction Committee in March, (Note) Transport of goods between ships on North Korean flag ship or offshore from a ship with a North Korean flag

Regarding the government’s response to the case, please confirm “Actions to ensure the effectiveness of the UN Security Council resolution in Japan”.

(Photo ①-2 : North Korean flagship tanker “AN SAN No. 1” connecting with the helicopter by connecting with a small vessel and small boat of unidentified ship. Shot at around 17:45 on January 18)
(Photo 2 : North Korean flagship tanker “AN SAN 1”. Shot taken around 15:20 on January 18)