Prime Minister Rutte Visits Navy in Curaçao

January 23, 2019 (Google Translation) – Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Secretary of State Raymond Knops of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations were at Parera’s Naval Base on Curaçao the day before yesterday. Commander of the Navy in the Caribbean Brigadier General of the Marines Peter Jan de Vin spoke to them.

Merry meeting between Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Brigadier General Peter Jan de Vin.

A number of current developments in the Caribbean and the Coast Guard Caribbean were discussed. Furthermore, investing in young people and local security were central.

The navy provides the training and professionalization trajectory of the Curaçao and Aruban Militia. Rutte and Knops were informed about this, as well as about the Social Training Program. This gives underprivileged youngsters the opportunity to be trained to become military with the basic principles of the Marine Corps. It was agreed that this process, which is currently not being implemented, will be revived.

Defense has about 800 employees in the Caribbean. They are committed to drug control, border surveillance and help with natural disasters, such as after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Rutte and Knops visited Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba last 2 days. Central was economic cooperation and law enforcement.