The Marine Information Package (DIM 2019) is online

January 16, 2019 (Google Translation) – The IMU takes stock of the Navy with the list of vessels in service, future programs and the distribution of seamen in schools, forces and staffs. Beyond photography at a moment T, we must see a Marine in movement thanks to an increased modernization and a major renewal of the Fleet that allows the military programming law (LPM) 2019-2025. The course is set by the Mercator Plan to build the 2030 Navy together.

The DIM unveils the new names of types of surface buildings, decided by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, for more legibility and more consistency with their operational vocation. They correspond to a breakdown by employment group:

  • the first group concerns combat vessels with strong offensive capabilities (aircraft carriers, helicopter carriers, frigates),
  • the second is related to patrol / surveillance: it includes patrolmen and surveillance frigates,
  • the last group brings together buildings dedicated to a specific job (support, mine warfare, etc.).

Among the most significant changes, we can note:

  • PCB change to PHA, amphibious helicopter carrier,
  • The change of FTI into FDI, frigates of defense and intervention,
  • The choice of the name BRF, supply vessels, for the ships of the FLOTLOG program,
  • Harmonization of the designation of buildings dedicated to support and assistance.