Capture of a Brazilian Fishing Vessel in Jurisdictional Waters

January 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – The National Navy captured during a Uruguayan jurisdictional waters (CAJ) operation a Brazilian fishing vessel that was fishing illegally in our territorial waters.

In the early morning hours of the morning the National Navy in an operation of jurisdictional waters between the ROU 01 “Uruguay”, the Aircraft B-200 T of the Naval Aviation and an endowment of the Marine Infantry Command managed to capture a fishing vessel of Brazilian flag that carried out illegal fishing in our waters.

US Navy photo

The fishing boat “TATUIRA” was 70 nautical miles northeast of the Puerto de la Paloma, it has 10 crew members on board and carries a cargo in 4 of its 6 holds of whiting and fresh broccoli.

It should be added that said vessel wanted to evade the frigate ROU 01 and the latter had to fire warning shots towards the fishing vessel to have her evasion, after which COMIM managed to capture the vessel.

This vessel is being transferred to the Puerto de la Paloma, anticipating arriving in the afternoon, where it will be delivered to the competent authorities and the Water Resources Office (DINARA) will also be informed to carry out the verification of the state of the cargo. and its final destination.