Anti-pollution Mission for Champlain

January 14, 2019 (Google Translation) – On December 17, 2018, the multi-mission building (B2M) Champlain conducted an anti-pollution exercise in the bay of Saint-Paul, west of the island of Reunion. All the crew as well as the specialized team of Naval Base Port-des-Galets were mobilized for this premiere on the island.

One of the powers of the French Navy is the fight against maritime pollution. The fight against pollution may consist of the recovery of pollutants at sea and on the coast, the installation of a floating dam to protect a sensitive natural area or the assistance of a ship in difficulty that transports pollutants and dangerous for the environment.

For this exercise, the Champlain embarked a dam of 300 meters, consisting of an upper part with floats and a skirt on the lower part. At the end of the installation of the inflatable structure, a second boat has towed the dam to form a shape of “J”. Once the suction system was put into the water, the pumping step could begin. Pollutants were poured into a tank on the vessel.

The objective of this maneuver was to mechanize the installation of the equipment by the Naval Base teams and by the edge, and to validate the towing capacity.

The 1,700 soldiers deployed to the FAZSOI guarantee the protection of the national territory and animate regional cooperation from Réunion and Mayotte. FAZSOI is the main focus of the Indian Ocean theater to fight against new threats such as piracy or illegal immigration, to monitor the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) associated with all the islands in the zone. responsibility and maintain a regional rapid response capability.