Sixth Israeli Submarine Named Dragon

January 10, 2019 (Google Translation) – Navy Commander Eli Sharvit announced that the sixth submarine, which is to be absorbed in the navy at the beginning of the next decade, will be called the “Dragon”, named after a predator fish named after the decker.

The name of the submarine was determined after a detailed procedure and was announced today at the 2019 Armament Action Program Conference. In addition, it was determined that the name of the future submarine model would be known as “DAKAR CLASS,” a name that commemorates the fighters’ Of Ahad Dekker.

The sixth submarine, the Dragon, will be the archetype for the next generation of submarines, the most advanced model in the service of the Navy in the next decades.

“The Shayetet 7 fighters preserve our security stability day and night,” concluded Major General Sharvit, “with impeccable professionalism, sophistication, dedication and constant thinking. In their activity on the future submarines of the State of Israel will provide a unique and strategic operational angle, absolutely vital, for the defense of the State of Israel. ”