HNLMS Evertsen Deploys as SNMG2 Flagship

January 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – Air defense and command frigate Evertsen left Den Helder for the Mediterranean this afternoon. There it will be the staff of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) for the next 6 months. Evertsen replaces De Ruyter that returned from the Mediterranean last month.

In the coming six months, Evertsen will form the 2nd permanent NATO fleet with ships from Turkey, Greece and Canada. The squadron is, since July last year, under the leadership of the Dutch commander Boudewijn Boots.

Den Helder, 5 januari 2019
Vertrek Zr. Ms. Evertsen uit Den Helder

The SNMG2 is the maritime component of the NATO Response Force. With this permanent fast response force, the alliance reacts quickly and flexibly to security situations. For the Netherlands, the security environment has become less stable and predictable in recent years. This is partly because power relations in the world change. For example, in recent years Russia has been prepared to use military means in, for example, Georgia, Ukraine and Syria.

Last year, the squadron took part in the Breeze 2018 exercise in the Black Sea and paid a visit to the Ukraine. NATO provides the country with practical and practical military assistance in the reconstruction of the armed forces. The NATO presence in the Black Sea increased from 80 to 120 days in 2018 compared to a year earlier.

The Royal Netherlands Navy has four air defense and command frigates (LCF) of the De Zeven Provinciën Class. The ships can protect a complete fleet connection against enemy threats from the sea and from the air (planes and missiles). In addition, an LCF has everything on board to have an operational staff manage a large (maritime) operation.