Russia Promises Baltic Fleet Deployments in 2019

January 4, 2018 (Google Translation) – In 2019, the forces and troops of the fleet will take part in dozens of combat training activities of various directions. Baltic seamen will have to perform tasks in remote areas of the World Ocean. The plans of more than 10 long hikes in the Mediterranean, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. In the ocean zone, surface ships and vessels will take part in the planned activities of combat training, research activities, ensuring the marine practice of cadets and international maneuvers.

Also, the Baltic seamen will perform state tasks to ensure the testing of new ship projects for the Russian Navy.

In addition, next year, work will be continued to re-equip and modernize the existing equipment of the land component of the Baltic Fleet.

A landmark event will be the holding at the Khmelyovka training ground in the summer of 2019 an international competition for professional training “Marine landing 2019”.