Icebreaking Begins at Kamchatka Submarine Base

January 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – In Kamchatka, in order to eliminate difficult ice conditions, the ships of the auxiliary fleet of the Pacific Fleet embarked on an intensive ice breaking at the basing station of nuclear submarines of the Pacific Fleet.

The accumulation of ice and its compaction in places up to half a meter in Krasheninnikov Bay occurred as a result of extreme cold that lasted for a week, which significantly influenced the safety of the parking and navigation of submarine cruisers.

The ice breaking task has been set for icebreaking vessels and new generation road tugs. Thanks to their excellent maneuverability and technical capabilities, they are able to break the ice up to 50 cm almost to the side of the ship and safely maneuver between ships.

It is planned that in order to ensure the safety of the parking of ships and submarines in Kamchatka, until the end of the winter period, tugs of the auxiliary fleet of the Pacific Fleet will have to complete more than 150 exits.

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