About fire incident control radar irradiation incident by Korean naval vessel

December 28, 2018 (Google Translation) – About the matter irradiated from the Korean Navy “Kwangu-Dwan” class destroyer occurred on Thursday, December 20th, the fire control traffic radar to P-1 (Atsugi) belonging to the Maritime Self-Defense Force 4 Air Group, the P- 1 on the Ministry of Defense website.

In the movie, the ocean itself P – 1 flew a scene where it seems that the fire control radar was irradiated several times continuously for a certain period of time or the ocean itself P – 1 flew a certain altitude and distance from the destroyer In addition, the ocean self P-1 calls the destroyer three times in English, “Korean Navy Ship, Ship No. 971 (KOREA SOUTH NAVAL SHIP, HULL NUMBER 971)”, the intention of radar irradiation It has been recorded that you attempted to confirm.

In addition, from the viewpoint of information preservation, there are places where some audio processing is applied in the video.