Baltic Fleet Su-27s Conduct Air Intercept Training

December 27, 2018 (Google Translation) – As part of the planned training, the Su-27 fighter pilots worked out the elements of air combat with a conditional enemy, as well as the conditional use of aviation weapons.

According to the plan of the flight training event, the conditional enemy planes violated the State Border of the Russian Federation and attempted to launch a missile-bombing attack on strategic military facilities.

With the receipt of a signal about the invasion of unidentified aircraft into the airspace of the country, Su-27 fighters took off to intercept, found conditional enemy planes and destroyed them in air combat.

Also, the crews have completed accelerated training of fighters for departure, performed a pair of takeoffs and electronic launches of guided missiles at air targets.

More than 10 crews of the fighter squadron of the naval aviation base of the Baltic Fleet were brought to the training.