China’s 30th and 31st Escort Groups Join Forces in Gulf of Aden

December 26, 2018 – On the morning of December 24, 2018 (local time), the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s 31st escort taskforce arrived in the waters at the eastern Gulf of Aden as scheduled after an uninterrupted voyage of 15 days and nights, where it met the 30th escort taskforce.

Since it arrived in the Gulf of Aden on September 1, the 30th Chinese naval escort taskforce has escorted 59 merchant ships in 31 batches over the past four months, effectively safeguarding the maritime transport line.

The 31st Chinese naval escort taskforce set sail on December 9 from the port city of Zhanjiang in south China’s Guangdong Province. The taskforce is composed of the amphibious dock landing ship Kunlunshan (Hull 998), the guided-missile frigate Xuchang (Hull 536) and the comprehensive supply ship Luomahu (Hull 964).

After their joint escort mission, the two taskforces will conduct a mission handover ceremony. The 31st Chinese naval escort taskforce will then replace its predecessor on escort missions in the Gulf of Aden.