Colombian Navy in the Front Lines of War on Drugs

December 21, 2018 – With a successful operational balance and a positive impact on the populations of the nine departments of the northern region of the country, where the men and women of the Caribbean Naval Force are present, the work carried out by the Naval Force of the Caribbean is satisfactory. the units of the National Navy, during the year 2018.

The deployment of the Caribbean Coastguard, Surface and Submarine Fleet units, the Caribbean Naval Air Group, Marine Infantry troops, the Military Gaulas of the departments of Bolívar and Sucre and the unrestricted support by the San Andrés Specific Command and Providencia, the Anti-Narcotraffic Task Force No. 73 “Neptuno”, based in Turbo – Antioquia and the Marine Infantry Brigade No. 1 located in Corozal – Sucre, have allowed the outstanding achievement of the institutional objectives, to guarantee a safe and prosperous environment for the region.

In this way, thanks to the development of continuous and sustained operations against drug trafficking, the Caribbean Naval Force, in 2018, has achieved the seizure of more than 64.4 tons of cocaine hydrochloride, preventing that a figure higher than the Two billion dollars, the price of the narcotic drug in the international black market, will enter the financial structures of the narco-terrorist organizations.

Among the main results obtained by the units, the discovery and destruction of seven laboratories for the processing of cocaine, as well as the seizure of eight tons of solid inputs and 56 tons of liquid inputs for the manufacture of narcotics stand out.

The deployment of the men and women of the National Navy in the Colombian Caribbean and the articulated work with the National Police and the judicial entities of the State, has allowed the capture of 195 members of the Organized Armed Groups and 37 members of the ELN who committed crimes in areas under the responsibility of the Caribbean Naval Force.

Likewise, as part of the fight against crime phenomena, the capture of 73 members of organizations dedicated to illegal mining and the confiscation of more than 13 tons of illegal fishing and contraband merchandise, valued at about twelve, has been achieved. one billion pesos.