De Ruyter Home From SNMG2

December 20, 2018 (Google Translation) – The air defense and command frigate De Ruyter is moored again in Den Helder. Over the past 6 months the ship sailed in almost all waters around Europe.

Due to the increasing activities of the Russian federation, the ship moved from the Black Sea to central Norway. This happened within the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2). This NATO fleet bonded the Russian navy in the Mediterranean.

The SNMG2 is the maritime component of the NATO Response Force. With this permanent fast reaction force, the alliance can respond quickly and flexibly to security situations.

The fleet was under the command of the Dutch commander Boudewijn Boots. He also commands the SNMG2 in the first half of 2019. The Royal Netherlands Navy then again forms part of it with a ship.

In addition to shadowing the Russians, the Dutch frigate took part in various maritime exercises over the past six months. This happened with Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Ukraine, Romania and Turkey. The De Ruyter also played a role during Trident Juncture, the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War.

The Dutch air defense and command frigate Evertsen has been scheduled to launch the SNMG2 as flagship from next month. The departure is scheduled for January 5.