Northern Fleet Joint Strategic Command marks the fourth anniversary of the formation

December 15, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today, the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, congratulated the servicemen and civilian personnel of the joint strategic command of the Northern Fleet on the fourth anniversary of the formation.

“The combined strategic command, created on December 15, 2014 on the basis of the Northern Fleet to protect the national interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, significantly increased its combat potential over three years and repeatedly confirmed its readiness to successfully accomplish tasks in the Arctic zone and the World Ocean,” in congratulations.

The USS of the Northern Fleet today consists of the unification of nuclear submarines, which is the basis of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces, the unification of heterogeneous forces, the Air Force and Air Defense Army, the Army Army Corps, coastal troops, surface ships of various types and classes, the arctic infrastructure, developed on All archipelagoes of the islands, starting with Franz Josef Land in the west and ending with the New Siberian Islands in the east, have a modern and highly efficient logistics system and I.

On the basis of the Northern Fleet, unique and the only Arctic units in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have been created, whose personnel regularly conduct exercises to protect the Arctic and island territories of Russia capable of landing on the coast and islands of the Arctic Ocean for raid operations from the sea and from the air .

The Northern Fleet is armed with the most modern submarines, ships, support ships, aircraft, military and special equipment samples.

The complex of tasks solved by the joint strategic command of the Northern Fleet is as unique as its composition. The naval strategic nuclear forces of the Northern Fleet provide strategic stability, the heterogeneous fleet forces provide reliable protection of the national interests of Russia in the Arctic and in the World Ocean, as well as in ensuring the safety of civilian shipping. The Northern Fleet conducts a huge oceanographic and research work in the Arctic, opens up new previously unknown geographical objects, eliminates “white spots” on modern maps, and conducts extensive military-historical work.

Admiral Nikolai Evmenov wished the servicemen and civilian personnel of the joint strategic command of the Northern Fleet good health, strength of mind, cohesion, as well as new successes and achievements in service and work for the benefit of Russia and the Northern Fleet.