Indra Navy-2018 completed in the Bay of Bengal

December 16, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today in the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian port of Vishakhapatnam, the Russian-Indian exercise Indra Navi-2018 was completed in the framework of which the naval interaction of seafarers of the two countries was worked out to protect shipping and economic activity at sea.

In the course of the exercise, the sailors of the Pacific Fleet and the Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy in practice improved the skills of joint tactical maneuvering, the replenishment of ships from the tanker on the move, and the inspection operation of a suspicious vessel. The combined forces conducted a complex of artillery firing at sea and air targets, carried out a search for a submarine and used jet depth charges against a submarine of a conditional enemy, worked off takeoffs and landings of deck helicopters, their use as intended, and finally concluded a sea battle.

After the completion of the active part, the forces at sea were briefly summed up, after which the Russian and Indian observers transferred to their ships. In the Bay of Bengal, a farewell ceremony was held for Russian and Indian sailors, during which the ships of the two countries followed parallel courses in the lines of the wake.

A detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet left the territorial waters of India and continued to perform long-range missions.

The Indra Navy 2018 exercise was held in the Bay of Bengal from December 13 to 16. More than 10 warships and support ships of the two countries, airplanes and helicopters of the Indian Navy, as well as the helicopter BOD Admiral Panteleyev are involved in working out the tasks at various stages of the Indra.