Launching Ceremony of Submarine Riachuelo

December 14, 2018 (Google Translation) – On December 14, 2018, the Brazilian Navy launches the submarine “Riachuelo” to the sea, the first in a series of four conventional and one nuclear-powered submarines that are being built by the Submarine Development Program (PROSUB). The ceremony will be attended by the President of the Republic.

The milestone of this new PROSUB phase will take place in the Itagua√≠ Naval Complex, when the “Riachuelo” will be ready to start the port tests, in which the watertightness, buoyancy and balance. After all the tests, which will last about two years, including sea trials, the submarine will finally be incorporated into the Submarine Force, subordinate to the Command-in-Chief of the Brazilian Police Station.

PROSUB provides, in addition to the concomitant construction of the four conventional submarines, project and the construction of the first Brazilian submarine with nuclear propulsion and the necessary for the construction, operation and maintenance of both models, consisting of a unit Steel Structures, a construction site and a maintenance Naval, as well as complementary structures.

The implementation of the Program will endow Brazil with the latest technology, various industrial sectors of strategic importance for the country’s economic development and fostering the training of professionals in highly specialized activities. Prioritizing of components manufactured in Brazil for submarines, PROSUB is a strong industrial base of defense, which encompasses the electronics, mechanical (fine and heavy) sectors, electromechanical, chemical and of the Brazilian Naval Industry. In this context, PROSUB is generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs.