Centinela Returns to Ferrol From Gulf of Guinea Patrol

December 14, 2018 (Google Translation) – The “Centinela” patrol boat has completed its African deployment, returning this morning to its home port in Ferrol. His arrival at the Military Arsenal has been presided by the Admiral of the Maritime Action Force, Vice Admiral Manuel de la Puente Mora-Figueroa.

The ship started the African Deployment on August 16, starting from Ferrol towards the Gulf of Guinea. In these 4 months, the “Sentinel” has visited 10 African countries (Mauritania, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Angola, Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal and Morocco) where Cooperative Security Operations, Diplomacy of Defense and Maritime Security and Surveillance.

In addition to these operations, the patrol “Sentinel” has collaborated in the maneuvers NEMO 18.4 and GRAND AFRICAN NEMO organized by the French National Navy, framed within the Yaoundé process for the development of the capabilities of the countries of the area, highlighting the collaboration and escort of the FS “Mistral”.

The African Deployment concludes after 121 mission days, 10 countries, more than 13000 nautical miles navigated and more than 300 trained African soldiers on board. One of the highlights of the deployment has been participation in the parade of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Equatorial Guinea, by members of the crew while the ship was docked in Libreville (Gabon).

About the mission of the African Deployment in the Gulf of Guinea

The activities have been developed within the Framework Plan for permanent operations of the Maritime Security and Surveillance Command (MVSM), and cooperative security activities.

The purpose of the operation is to generate military capabilities of the country that welcomes the collaboration, in order to enable it to deal effectively with security risks, thus contributing to the stability of the entire region.

In addition, the Navy under the command of the Defense Staff, develops this mission in order to show the activity and capacity of their ships as essential instruments of National Security, defend our maritime interests in the area (fishing, maritime traffic of hydrocarbons), and contribute to the stability of the region.

Thus, the Navy participates in the strengthening of maritime security in other regions of the world, and takes advantage of its deployments in Africa to make presence and strengthen relations with as many countries as possible. It maintains an intense activity under the framework of the Cooperative Security in Mauritania, Senegal and Cape Verde, and its action in the African coasts, coordinated with other western countries, such as the United States, France, Portugal and Denmark, is supported by agreements with several countries of the area.

Spain frames its activities in the Gulf of Guinea within the scope of the EU, where the Ministers of Defense of Spain, Portugal, France and Denmark, have agreed to increase maritime security initiatives in the region.