RFS Severomorsk in Djibouti

December 11, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today, the large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet “Severomorsk”, performing the tasks of a long-distance cruise in the Indian Ocean, made a business call at the port of Djibouti of the African state of the same name.

The stay of Russian sailors in a foreign port will be held according to a standard program: replenishment of fuel, fresh water and food to the established standards, as well as short-term rest of personnel on the coast with a visit to city attractions.

Upon completion of the business trip, the crew of the Severomorsk BOD will continue performing tasks in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea according to the long-range hike plan.

Two weeks earlier, North Sea men made an unofficial visit to the Pakistan Navy base – the port of Karachi – and took part in the Arabian monsoon – 2018 international Russian-Pakistani exercise on anti-piracy activity. In addition to the BOD “Severomrosk” from the Russian side it was involved in the sea tanker of the Northern Fleet “Kama”. The Pakistani Navy was represented by the Saif frigate, the Kuwat missile boat, the Qarar patrol boat and the Sea King helicopter of the Pakistan Navy.

The long hike of the large antisubmarine ship Severomorsk continues from its exit from the main basing point – Severomorsk on July 5, 2018. In the Indian Ocean, it operates from the second half of September.

BOD “Severomrosk” passed more than 29 thousand nautical miles, performed a number of military-diplomatic tasks and visited the ports of five countries in Africa and Asia, and also carried out prevention of piracy activities in the region.