Croatian Navy Receives New Coastal Patrol Boat Omiš

December 7, 2018 (Google Translation) – On 7 December 2018, in the barracks of the “Admiral Fleet of Sveto Letica – Barba” in Split, the ceremony of the handing over and naming of the prototype of the new Croatian Coast Guard (OOB) was held.

Delegations of the Croatian Ministry of Defense and Croatian Army were led by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, the Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Damir Krstičević, and Chief of General Staff of OSRH General Mirko Šundov, and Brodosplit delegation, who built the OOB prototype President of the Management Board Tomislav Debeljak. The ceremony was attended by members of several HV and HRM units, retired HRM leaders, representatives of associations from the Homeland War, representatives of local self-government and other guests.

The navy will be sailing under the name OOB-31 “Omiš” in the navy of the Coast Guard of the Croatian Navy. The ship prototype was handed over by signing the Receipt Records. In honor of the honorary god, the name was revealed at the ceremony by Roko Vranić, father of Josip Vranić, the first dead Croatian Navy member and the first victim of the Croatian Homeland War in Split.

In a special address, Minister Damir Krsticevic pointed out that “Omiš” will significantly improve the capabilities of the Coast Guard, but the fact that it is a product of Croatian workers in the Croatian shipyard, whereby the MORH and HV once again demonstrated that the generators of economic development and a significant parter our companies.

“The Croatian industry, together with the joint efforts of the Ministry of Defense and the Croatian Army, can contribute more to strengthening the Croatian Army’s capabilities even when it comes to relatively more complex systems – larger ships,” the minister added, reminding the HRM’s great importance for the Adriatic Sea’s security.

“By deploying naval and deserter infantry and returning to Ploce, by establishing a Naval Naval Study, procuring a rocket launcher engine and delivering a coastal patrol boat, we return to the Croatian Navy the victorious glow it had during the Homeland War,” concluded Minister Krstičević.

“Croatia’s Coast Guard with its new boat is proud to be at the cutting edge of modern world coast guards, and the Croatian Navy has gained new capabilities by completing the first of the five planned coastal-patrol boats. The ship is a Croatian product, in which enormous efforts and knowledge of our shipbuilders have been invested, “said General Mirko Šundov.

Commander of the HRM Commodore Ivo Raffanelli pointed out that the prototype prototype tests were very extensive. “All devices and systems have been tested to the limit and repeatedly to get a full insight into the state of the ship, and we are going to use the second phase of the test today, and we will use the five months that the Agreement will undergo to test both ship and crew, tests, to go to the limit, to confirm if the ship has met the tactical-technical requirements. ”

The President of the Management Board of Brodosplit Tomislav Debeljak has been giving the first ship designed and built in modern Croatia a very emotional moment. “Thank you all who participated in the project in any way. We have made a great deal of effort and I hope this is a golden future for all of us,” Debeljak said.

After the ceremony, the guests went on a short voyage to the Gulf of Kaštela and, on that occasion, gained insight into some of OOB’s “Omis” capability, whose commander was Lieutenant of the Battle Boat Ante Silić, and the crew will count 16 members. The basic purpose of OOB is patrol for the purpose of monitoring and protecting the interests of the Republic of Croatia at sea. They will also be used to support the island population and participate in shark and rescue operations at sea. In the war, coastal patrol boats are used for the protection of inland waters and for combat and logistical support.

The prototype of the ship is over 43.25 meters long, the ship is equipped with an automatic 30mm gun and two hand operated 12.7mm hand grenades, and four manual anti-missile missile systems.

The introduction of the OOB’s operational use continues with the projects of modernization and development of the new capabilities of the Croatian Navy.