OCEAN2020 Project is Well Underway

December 5, 2018 – Since early Spring 2018, Terma has participated in the first EU-funded defense research project under the framework of the Preparatory Action on Defense Research. The objective of OCEAN2020 is to significantly improve maritime situational awareness for naval operations through the integration of unmanned systems with ISTAR payload capabilities.

The project was kicked off in April this year and has just passed System Requirement Review and is now progressing towards the System Design phase. Terma’s main role in the project is to contribute within areas of interoperability requirements analysis, system design, decision support analysis, and operator task analysis. Things are going well and according to plan.

As stated, the OCEAN2020 project’s main objective is to demonstrate enhanced situational awareness in a military maritime environment by integration of both new and legacy unmanned systems. This will also lead to improved interoperability, more autonomous and reliable operations in a complex and severe maritime environment.

As expected, the OCEAN2020 project is interesting in many ways. As a member of this consortium of 42 entities from 15 EU Member States, Terma gets to meet and collaborate with both well-known and new partners.

The EU is set to scale up its support for collaborative research and development in the defense domain. The European Defense Fund, starting in 2021, will make considerable more funding available, and Terma is looking forward to supporting the EU and its Member States as well as working together with our partners.

As a technology company, Terma provides cutting edge solutions and stands ready to support this initiative.

Image appears courtesy of ocean2020.eu

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