Sail the crossing “Magdalena Magical River IV”

November 30, 2018 (Google Translation) – In a military ceremony presided over by Captain Captain Luis Felipe Rojas Dueñas, Chief of Staff of the Caribbean Naval Force, sailed this morning from the dock of La Bodeguita in the city of Cartagena, the “Magdalena Magico” Crossing in its fourth version.

This is an operation carried out by the National Navy in coordination with the Foundation for the Research and Development of Special Education – Fides, Cinema Colombia, the University of Los Andes, the Government of Bolívar, Cotecmar, the Naval Reserve, RCN and Postobón , with the objective of bringing wellbeing and fun to the children, youth and adults of the riverside populations of the Magdalena River.

This is the fourth time that the ARC Logistic Support Ship “Golfo de Urabá” has been crossing the Magdalena River, in order to strengthen the friendship ties between the National Navy and Fides with the communities visited.

In this third voyage, the Magdalena River will be the ideal scenario for the ARC “Gulf of Urabá” to sail 707 kilometers through the departments of Bolívar and Magdalena, carrying on board a team of health professionals to conduct medical journeys ; likewise, recreational and recreational activities will be carried out.

The route begins in Cartagena, passing through the Canal del Dique to reach Soplaviento, Yucal, Nervití, Belisario, La Victoria and Pinillos in the department of Bolívar and Cerro San Antonio in the department of Magdalena.

The purpose of the “Magdalena Magico VI” Crossing is to strengthen the friendship ties of the National Navy with the municipalities and fluvial corregimientos to make presence in them.

Likewise, perform a joint work with different foundations to provide moments of healthy recreation for the little ones, developing activities that help to develop the language and promoting creativity and imagination, thus promoting wellbeing and education for children.

Data of interest

* It will be 12 days of Crossing.
* On board, more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid are donated to the populations visited.
* Medical care days will be held, as well as educational talks on the protection of the environment, accompaniment to the nautical guild and recreational, cultural and sports activities.
* In the evenings there will be cinema under the stars with the screening of the most recent films on the billboard thanks to Ruta 90 de Cine Colombia.
* On board the “Gulf of Urabá” ARC, 40 men from the National Navy and 14 members from different public and private entities that support the Crossing travel.