Pearl of the West 2018

November 30, 2018 (Google Translation) – On November 26, 2018, the Cassard anti-aircraft frigate (AAF) departed from the port of Kuwait City, where she had docked four days earlier, to begin a series of maneuvers with the Kuwaiti Navy as part of her participation in the bilateral exercise Pearl of the West.

At sea, the Cassard is joined by a patrol boat, the Qarroh and two Kuwaitian speedboats, the Al-Bateel 4 and 10. The buildings are grouped in the formation ordered by the Cassard according to joint procedures before proceeding to tactical maneuvers.

The conditions are then met for the takeoff of the French helicopter Panther since the Cassard. He must perform his TAG (touch and go) mission on Al-Dorrar, a Kuwaiti building. This exercise consists in multiplying the deckings on the ship and allows the crews of the helicopter as well as the ship, French and Kuwaiti, to maneuver together and to test their equipment in the framework of a joint action.

A simulation of asymmetrical night fighting is then played by both marines. In this scenario, the Cassard and Qarroh are targeted by three speedboats. Mariners of both nations must quickly detect these threatening craft by crossing their respective data. The aim is to share information and identification procedures with a view to increasing interoperability between the two armies in a context of joint operation.

To conclude this series of exercise, the Al-Bateel 10 is on the starboard side of the Cassard to carry out a transfer of men and cargo, called transhipment. The two ships are aboard while continuing their progress. Four French soldiers then pass from Cassard to Al-Bateel 10 using a rope ladder. The maneuver carried out, Al-Bateel 10 returns to his naval base while the Cassard moves away to sea.

Thus, as part of exercise Pearl of the West, the French and Kuwaiti navies were able to achieve together a series of joint maneuvers and establish as many common procedures essential to the interoperability of the two armies.

Pearl of the West 2018 is a joint bilateral exercise conducted by the French and Kuwaiti Armed Forces from 17 to 29 November across Kuwait. As part of the cooperation between our two countries in defense, this major exercise is held every four years. This exercise, which is part of the cooperation agreement on defense signed in 2009 between France and Kuwait, highlights the cooperation undertaken by our two countries and reflects the good level of interoperability achieved by their armed forces. “Pearl of the West” mobilizes 1600 soldiers from both armies as well as land, sea and air assets.

Mostly armed by the French forces stationed in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU), Pearl of the West also testifies to the French projection capacity in the region and the relevance of this device.

Armed with about 700 soldiers, FFEAU’s mission is to exercise operational control over its assets, to develop and animate bilateral operational cooperation and to support military assets deployed in the Middle East and North of the Middle East. Indian Ocean. FFEAU contributes to the stabilization and maintenance of peace in the 14 countries of its zone of permanent responsibility, particularly sensitive region that extends from Jordan to Bangladesh.