MEPA Panos In the joint cross-country exercise of Greece – Cyprus – Egypt “MIDOUSA 7” in Crete

December 4, 2018 (Google Translation) – National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos , Cyprus Defense Minister Savvas Angelidis and Egyptian Minister of Defense Mohamed Ahmed Zaki attended the joint cross-country exercise “Greece-Egypt-Cyprus” “MIDOUSA 7”, which took place in the sea area off Crete, originally from the helicopter ANWAR EL SADAT and then from the ELLI frigate.

The training was also attended by the Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Air Force , Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis , the Chief of Staff, Vice-Chief of Staff, Nikolaos Tsounis , the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant (I ) Christos Christodoulou and Chief of Staff, Vice-Admiral Ioannis Pavlopoulos.

The Minister of National Defense made the following statement:

“Today, there was a large-scale exercise,” MIDOUSA 7 “, in the presence of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus, the Egyptian Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Defense Force, the Air Force Chiefs, the Navy, the Chief of the National Guard of the Chief of the Armed Forces of Egypt.

It is the seventh consecutive exercise, now tripartite, with Egypt and Cyprus as active shareholders and countries from the Middle East, NATO and the European Union as observers.

The axis of stability, centered around Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, is the hope for the troubled South East Mediterranean region.

It is no coincidence that this military cooperation is the subject of positive comments from NATO, the European Union and all countries seeking stability in the wider region.

Greece, with these tripartite agreements, builds the stability axis that starts from the Balkans and reaches up to northern Africa.

I want to congratulate the leadership of the Greek Armed Forces, the officers, the non-commissioned officers, the troops and the national guards who participated in this exercise with high professionalism, with constantly improving returns.

Especially in the field of Special Forces, Greece proves that on the one hand it wants peace and stability in the region and on the other hand it is preparing the Armed Forces to face any threat.

I believe that this development, the transformation of our homeland into a center of stability in the wider region and the international agreements launched by the defense sector, will open on the new day, the transformation of Greece into a major energy hub, but also a producer energy.

We are here in Crete, where the deposits, which have already been signed to start mining, especially in the southern sector of Crete, will be the center of our country’s development in the natural gas sector and its extraction natural gas pipeline, which connects the deposits of Egypt, Israel and Cyprus with Greek resources and will enable the European Union to have a self-reliance on its natural and energy resources. “