The world’s largest bathyscaphe museum opened in St. Petersburg

December 2, 2018 (Google Translation) – The first in Russia and the world’s largest museum of small underwater self-propelled vehicles opened in St. Petersburg.

The collection began to take shape last year. Today, the museum presents two ultra-small submarines “Triton-1M” and “Triton-2”, an autonomous working projectile AS-22, a rescue underwater projectile AS-5, a mobile recompression diving station PRS-VM based on ZIL-131, inhabited self-propelled devices like “Reef” and “Langust”.

Underwater vehicles provided by parts of the Navy, scientific organizations and enterprises of the fishing industry. With their help, you can transport divers, carry out rescue, repair and research work. The military personnel of the Leningrad Naval Base and representatives of the shipyards of St. Petersburg restored the exhibits.

The open-air museum is located on the pier at the Petrovsky Park of Kronstadt and is open on weekends. The exhibition is part of the military-historical park of the Western Military District.

In overseas oceanographic museums, there are also collections of such underwater vehicles, but the exposition in St. Petersburg is the largest in the world.

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