Russian Corvette Gromky Conducts Air Defense Training

November 29, 2018 (Google Translation) – The newest corvette Gromky, which is to enter the Pacific Fleet’s strength until the end of this year, engaged an air target by artillery fire in waters of the Sea of Japan as part of state tests.

To assess the effectiveness of the weapons systems of the new corvette, the R-79 missile boat from the range of combat training in the Peter the Great Bay launched Termit anti-ship cruise missile, which simulated an attack of the mock enemy’s warship.

The corvette timely detected an air target, tracked it and then engaged the target from the A-190 100-mm ship artillery gun and the AK-630 six-barreled automatic system.

Up to 10 warships and auxiliary vessels, as well as anti-submarine aircraft of the Pacific Fleet supported the stage of the warship weapons test.