ESPS Relámpago Visits Alexandria

November 27, 2018 (Google Translation) – The BAM “Relámpago” has landed in the port of Alexandria (Egypt) in its transit of incorporation to the Atalanta operation. The purpose of the visit has been to strengthen ties of bilateral cooperation between both countries, especially in the naval field.

The Navy ship, with 80 sailors on board between the crew, the 10th Squadron’s on-board air unit, and the Northern Third Security Operative Team, has remained for two days at the Naval Base, the main one in the Egyptian country. It hosts the Mediterranean Fleet.

On the 25th, Ramón Gil-Casares Satrústegui was received on board the ship by the Spanish ambassador in Cairo. After receiving the ordinance honors as the highest representative of Spain in Egypt, he signed the honor book and was shown the ship’s capabilities.

During the stopover, courtesy visits were also exchanged with the naval authorities and ships present at the military port, to improve knowledge and cooperation between the two navies.

After the stay in port, exercises were conducted at sea with a unit of the Egyptian navy, the FPB “Suleiman Ezzat”, aiming to train naval tactical procedures, operation, navigation and communications.