SNMG2 Visit to Oran

November 26, 2018 (Google Translation) – The frigate “Christopher Columbus” and the supply ship “Cantabria”, integrated in the SNMG-2, visited the port of Algiers. The group’s stay in Algiers has served to deepen Algeria’s relations with NATO and advance cooperation in matters of maritime security in the Mediterranean. All this within the framework of the NATO initiative “Mediterranean Dialogue” with the countries of North Africa.

During his stay in port, the group received the visit of the Ambassador of Spain in Algeria, Fernando Morán Calvo-Sotelo, who also acted as NATO representative in Algeria. The Commander of the Central Maritime Facade of the Algerian Navy, General Zine-Eddine Samah, was also received. On the part of NATO, in addition to the Commander of the SNMG-2 group that was embarked on the “Christopher Columbus”, the Second Commander of the Maritime Command of NATO (DCOM MARCOM), Vice Admiral Herve Blejean, participated in the visit.

During the visit various social, protocol and operational activities were carried out to strengthen relations and improve mutual knowledge. Among the last ones, it is worth mentioning the meetings for the preparation of an exercise in the sea that was carried out on November 22 between the ships of the grouping and the Algerian frigate “Erradii”. This exercise served to improve the capacity of joint action between NATO and the Algerian Navy for the future.

In order to promote friendship and mutual knowledge ties, the group’s vessels had the opportunity to visit places of cultural interest in the city of Algiers, guided by members of the Algerian armed forces, as well as participate in various sports competitions.