Puerto Real Shipyard Celebrates 140 Years

November 28, 2018 (Google Translation) – Navantia has discovered, on November 28, in the shipyard of Puerto Real, a monolith three meters high by one wide, commemorating the 140 years that, uninterruptedly, the factory of Puerto Real has been developing its activity. The president of the Company, Susana de Sarriá, the Management Committee and a large part of the staff participated in the event.

Susana de Sarriá highlighted the link between the history of the shipyard and the Cadiz region and stressed that Navantia works to ensure the viability and sustainability of all its centers through the Strategic Plan, which it hopes will enter into force shortly. That is why he showed his conviction that the Cadiz shipyards will have a great future, boosting employment and progress.

Since 1878, the year when the floodgates of the Matagorda dam were opened for the first time to receive the Guipúzcoa steamer , until today, the former Matagorda shipyard and the great Puerto Real Factory later, have been the protagonists of an industrial development that progressively raised the level of excellence that its first owner wanted to print.

It was the businessman Antonio López who risked his personal assets to build what was at the time the infrastructure of the largest naval industry in Spain: Afterwards they were responsible for the company AESA, which in the 70s of the last century, decided to raise the same site one of the largest shipyards in Europe, to give continuity to the success story of the old shipyard.

The shipyard of Matagorda, in its almost 100 years, built 169 ships and repaired almost 12,000 units, suffered the crises derived from two world wars and a civil war, saw its land and its staff grow, and pushed its production capacity to the limit during the last five years of activity 27 large vessels.

The new factory, created in 1975, launches dams and workshops according to the times, cranes that quickly become the “brand image” of the Bay and a workforce that rises to 4,000 workers. Since then, six public companies have managed it: AESA, Astilleros Españoles, Astillero de Puerto Real, EN Bazán, Izar and Navantia. Among all built 72 large boats during the 33 years that kept as official name the Shipyard of Puerto Real, a period of time marked as the previous by the successive crises, which this time were not caused by the wars, but by the reconversion industrial.