Project 23040G Georgiy Zima Begins Sea Trials

November 22, 2018 (Google Translation) – To pass the sea trials, a large hydrographic boat of the Project 23040G “Georgiy Zima”, built for the needs of the Baltic Fleet, was delivered to the city of Lomonosov of the Leningrad Region.

A large hydrographic boat (BGK) was built for the needs of the Baltic Fleet at OJSC “Plant Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod”. At the moment, BGK Georgiy Zima has begun to undergo sea trials in the offshore blocks of the Baltic Fleet, after which it will be accepted into the Baltic Fleet and will begin performing tasks in accordance with the purpose of the fleet hydrographic service in the Leningrad naval base.

This is the second boat that the Baltic Fleet will receive after conducting all the stages of testing. The boat of the similar project “Alexander Evlanov”, is currently undergoing sea trials in the area of ​​responsibility of the Baltic naval base.

The hydrographic boat of the project 23040G is designed in accordance with the technical requirements of the Main Command of the Navy and is designed for surveying the bottom relief and surveying navigational hazards at depths of up to 400 meters, as well as shooting the relief with a single beam echo sounder at depths of up to 2000 meters. In addition, the boat will be able to maintain floating signs, deliver personnel and repair teams, conduct rescue and search operations, pilotage of submarines and large-tonnage ships.