105 Year Old RFS Kommuna Gets Underway in Black Sea

November 22, 2018 (Google Translation) – In accordance with the combat training plan, the crew of the oldest submarine rescuer of the Black Sea Fleet, Kommuna, the oldest in the Russian Navy, began to perform tasks in the Black Sea marine training grounds.

Earlier, the ship carried out the planned work on dock repair and maintenance.

At the initial stage, the ship will carry out work on measuring physical fields, will check the performance of all ship devices and mechanisms, and work out the organization of the defense of the rescuer on an unprotected raid.

Then, within a few days, the vessel, adapted to the basing of various types of deep-sea rescue vehicles, will work out practical interaction with the crew of the underwater inhabited search and rescue apparatus AC-28 and the calculation of the uninhabited complex Panther Plus.

To improve the practical skills of rescuers at a depth of about 40 meters on the ground will fix the layout of the submarine coaming pad.

Specialists of Kommuna will provide descents of the AS-28 apparatus under water, its approach to the layout and docking-uncoupling with it. Specialized diving vessels and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet are also involved in the training activities.


“Kommuna” is a sea vessel, a submarine rescuer, by design a catamaran. At the present time, it is the only active ship of the Russian Navy, inherited from the Imperial fleet and the oldest ship in the world in operation.

The ship “Volkhov” (the original name of the “Commune”, renamed in 1922) was laid November 12, 1912, launched on November 17, 1913 and entered into service of the Baltic Fleet on July 14, 1915.

For the first time for its intended purpose the ship was used in 1917 when lifting the submarine AG-15 off the Aland Islands.

During the First World War, the vessel took part in lifting from the bottom of a submerged allied (British) submarine. Received thanks from the UK government. During the Great Patriotic War, served as part of the Baltic Fleet, provided repair of submarines, including docking of submarines of the “Baby” type.

In 1967 it was relocated from Kronstadt to Sevastopol.

The vessel has undergone modernization, as a result of which modern rescue equipment was placed on board and currently continues to perform the inherent tasks as part of the search and rescue forces of the Black Sea Fleet.