Brazilian Navy UH-15s Train With Night Vision Goggles

November 11, 2018 (Google Translation) -In the period from September 24 to November 2, the basic flight training course with night vision goggles was held in Taubaté-SP for three pilots and three mechanics of the 2nd General Helicopter Squadron (EsqdHU-2) supported by the Brazilian Army Aviation.

During this period the Army Aviation Training Center provided the theoretical training of the Brazilian Navy (MB) and the 1st Army Aviation Battalion supported for practical training. The flights were carried out with an aircraft of the MB, model UH-15, belonging to the EsqdHU-2, subordinate to the Command of the Air Force.

Air operations using this equipment will provide a large operating gain, significantly increasing the discretion of our air assets in the theater of operations, assisting in future missions with naval and marine means. During the course were consolidated concepts used in the doctrine of Army Aviation that will assist in the deployment of this equipment in Naval Aviation.

In addition to the immense operational gain for the Brazilian Navy, the course concretized the importance of interoperability among our Armed Forces, which, walking together, offer a large gain for the protection of our Country.