ARA San Juan Wreckage Located

November 17, 2018 (Google Translation) – This afternoon a press conference was held in the Libertad Building, headquarters of the General Staff of the Navy.

The Argentine Navy, under the Ministry of Defense, reports that this morning at the headquarters of the General Staff of the Navy a press conference was held to provide details about the location and reliable identification of the submarine ARA “San Juan”, object of the international contract of Ocean Infinity.

The Minister of Defense Oscar Aguad participated in it; the Secretary of Budgetary Management and Control of the Ministry of Defense, Graciela Villata; the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral José Luis Villán; the Deputy Chief of the Force, Vice Admiral Francisco Javier Medrano; the General Director of Material of the Navy, Rear Admiral David Fabián Burden; and Captain Enrique Balbi.

During the conference it was reported that the ship “Seabed Constructor” arrived last night at Area 1 / Subarea 15a and made the descent of the ROV (remotely operated vehicle) in order to investigate point of interest No. 24 reported by Ocean Infinity. As a result it was verified that it was the submarine ARA “San Juan” which is at a depth of approximately 900 meters, being its exact location very close to the hydroacoustic anomaly detected by the CTBTO (Organization of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty) , near the last known position of the submarine.

The area where it was located had been raked by all the participating navies that intervened in the search tasks, but did not have the technology used by the company Ocean Infinity.

Although the visibility is reduced by virtue of the turbulence and salinity that exists in that depth, some constituent parts of the submarine could be identified so far.

A larger section, comprised of the resistant hull, is in one piece at 907 meters. Said resistant helmet, of special steel of 33 millimeters of thickness, is the habitable sector where are the batteries and all the systems and equipment that the submarine has, and that owns a size of between 25 to 30 meters of length by 7 of width . Also, other parts of the submarine of smaller dimensions and forms were identified, coinciding with the bow section, the stern and the sail.

To the East and Northeast of the area there is an important field of debris that was found scattered on a surface of 80 x 100 meters