Brazilian Navy Participates in Operation Atlantic V

November 14, 2018 (Google Translation) – On November 6, nine ships of the Brazilian Navy suspended from Rio de Janeiro to Itaoca on the coast of Espírito Santo. This year, Operation “Dragon XXXIX” was inserted in Operation “Atlantic V”, a joint exercise coordinated by the Ministry of Defense, which until today has gathered (2,845) 2,845 Navy personnel, as well as Army and Brazilian air force.

November 9th was the “D” Day of the operation, with the landing of Marine troops on Itaoca beach. There were 1,726 officers of the Marine Corps, divided into 106 operating vehicles and 12 armored vehicles (among them 8 amphibious caterpillar cars). The focus of the amphibious projection was the evacuation of non-combatants, whose objective is to provide the necessary security for the exit of Brazilians who are in a foreign country, where instabilities may endanger physical integrity. Land actions simulated the sorting, evacuation, and removal of these civilians.

The Amphibious Task Force, commanded by Rear Admiral Paulo César Colmenero Lopes, Commander of the 1st Division of the Squadron (ComDiv-1), was composed by the Multipurpose Dock “Bahia” (G40), by the Landing Ship of Combat Cars ” Admiral Saboia “(G25), the” Marambaia “General Landing Craft (L20), the” Barroso “Corvette (V34), the” Rademaker “Frigate (F49), the” Guaporé “Patrol Ship (P45), the “Apa” Ocean Patrol Ship (P121), with the support of the new flagship of the Brazilian fleet, the “Atlantic” Multipurpose Helicopter Port (A140) and the Purus Oceanic Support Ship (G152), which acted as a friendly force , performing troop landing actions (150 Marines), air operations and logistical support.Among the air means, the operation had 9 Brazilian Navy aircraft (4 UH-15, 2 UH-12, 1 AF1, 1 AH-11A and 1 SH-16), as well as Brazilian Air Force aircraft.

On November 11, Defense Minister Joaquim Silva and Luna, Navy Commander, Fleet Admiral Eduardo Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Admiral Squad Ademir Sobrinho, as well as members of the Admiralty, Senior Officers of the Forces Singular and other Officers, were in the area of ​​operations in Itaoca (ES), where they traveled the sites of actions on land.

Then, they visited the facilities of the Multipurpose Dock Ship “Bahia”, where they watched the simulation of an aeromedical evacuation, with the landing of an aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force, which took a patient to be attended in the Hospital Complex of the ship, which has 500 m², two operating rooms, ICU, capacity to attend up to 100 patients per day, and gathered doctors, nurses and pharmacists of the three Forces.