West Indies: Training for the State Action Division at Sea

November 9, 2018 (Google Translation) – Monday, October 15, at the initiative of the Division of “Action of the State at Sea” (AEM) of the Armed Forces in the West Indies (FAA), a training to the Organization of Civil Security Response (ORSEC) Maritime having for theme assistance to a ship in difficulty took place at the open bay of Fort-de-France in Martinique.

The scenario of this training foresaw the impossibility for the ship in difficulty to quickly solve a damage. The delegate of the Government for the Action of the State at Sea (DDG AEM) of the maritime zone Antilles ordered the projection, by the helicopter Dragon 972 of the civil security, of three members of a team of evaluation and of intervention (IEE) at the Fort-de-France naval base. Faced with the growing urgency, it was decided, following the prior formal notice by DDG AEM, to send to the zone the coastal port tug Maïto and the tug chartered by the Navy Lady Debbie .

Taken in tow, the ship was removed from the coast and accompanied to an anchorage point. This mechanization has allowed the various teams involved in the ORSEC device (EEI, means of the French Navy, Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue of the West Indies and French Guiana, AEM division) to prowl their procedures and perfect their mutual knowledge.

Under the authority of the government delegate (DDG) for the action of the state at sea, the prefect of Martinique, the armed forces in the West Indies (FAA) contribute to missions of security and maritime security, maintenance of the public order, safeguarding people and property, protecting the environment. In this area, the heart of the FAA mission is the coordination of the fight against illegal activities, but also an active contribution to the maritime ORSEC, in cooperation with other administrations acting at sea. as commander of the maritime zone Antilles, in this capacity he is responsible for assisting the DDG in the exercise of his functions.

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