Exercise Grand African NEMO

November 9, 2018 (Google Translation) – The wishes expressed during the 3rd symposium on maritime safety in the Gulf of Guinea applied concretely at sea.

The Navy is currently participating alongside 15 African navies in the 1st edition of the ” Grand African NEMO ” exercise . This annual exercise strengthens the momentum for a truly maritime community in the Gulf of Guinea that can fight to maintain security in this area of ​​the globe. It complements the “African NEMO” exercises, conducted 5 to 6 times a year, in a more localized way. Indeed, with “Grand African NEMO”, the Navy aims to federate all the countries bordering the Gulf of Guinea as well as marine partners including European (Denmark, Spain, Portugal this year).

The BPC Mistral and the surveillance frigate Ventôse train with the naval assets at sea and the onshore operational centers in order to answer the major issues of maritime safety of the zone. Fight against fishing and illicit trafficking (weapons, drugs, migrants), against piracy and against pollution, relocation and monitoring of ships, assistance to ships in difficulty and rescue at sea are the themes of the exercise conducted since the November 3 and up to 9. It aims both to train crews at sea but also organizations on land and local coordination of the fight (information exchange, joint action).

“Grand African NEMO” began a few days after the 3rd Marine Symposium of the Gulf of Guinea, held in St Germain en Laye and co-chaired by Admiral Christophe Prazuck, Chief of Staff of the Navy, and against – Admiral Momar Diagne, his Senegalese counterpart. Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, recalled the pivotal role of Yaoundé’s architecture for maritime security, adding that France and Europe would stand alongside their African partners to restore peace and security in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea. This is the whole issue of this major exercise.