Cooperation with the South Korean Navy School Group for the Channel Flamingo

November 9, 2018 (Google Translation) – Composed of a destroyer Chungmunggong Yi Sushin and a tanker Dae Cheong , the school-group of the South Korean Navy involving 600 sailors including 149 cadets made a stop from 29 October to 1 st November 2018 in Cherbourg.

Equivalent to the mission Joan of Arc cadets of the Naval Academy , the Korean-school group up the challenge to discover 13 ports in 12 countries in 135 days traveling 60 000 km across the World. Historically, this is the longest deployment for the Korean school group.

Alongside its stop in Cherbourg, Korean-school group met with a delegation of the Public Service Patrol (PSP) Flamingo to promote experience sharing. As in 2013 and 2015, they were able to practice mutually and thus make the relationships maintained at berth at sea. In this context, a year of tactical evolution “PASSEX” was jointly carried off Cherbourg, with the support of the helicopter Caiman Marine Maupertus. On this occasion, the PSP Flamant used the CUES (Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea) communication system in its new version. This communication system is used in the context of meetings at sea between military ships of a group of 11 Asian countries. As Koreans did not have any other communication system, only CUES could provide links between the Flamingo and the two Korean ships. A first in the Channel!

This stop was also an opportunity to promote the friendship between the two nations and to radiate Korean culture abroad. For this, several events were organized such as a ceremony in honor of veterans of the Korean War and meetings between authorities.