Annual Report 2018 of the Naval Command published

November 8, 2018 (Google Translation) – The “Facts and Figures on the Maritime Dependence of the Federal Republic of Germany” have been published. Marine Inspector Krause has presented the report in Berlin. Included for the first time: the “maritime digitization.”

The Marineship Navigation Division of the Naval Command has compiled information on the latest maritime development and the intertwining of Germany with the global maritime trade with its 31st edition on nearly 300 pages. The world merchant fleet, developments in energy and raw material supply as well as in the maritime economy are just a few of the key points of the report. For the first time, a separate subchapter will also focus on “Maritime Digitization.”

Marine Inspector Vice Admiral Krause with Vice Admiral (retired) Hans-Joachim Stricker, President of the German Maritime Institute, presenting the Annual Report (Source: 2018 Bundeswehr / Hauke ​​Bunks)

” Germany is still number one container ship owner with 1,190 ships operating for German shipping companies, ” said Marine Inspector, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, just one of many examples from the statistical compendium. He spoke at the presentation of the report at the “Maritime Convention” of the German Maritime Institute and the “griephan” editorial staff of the DW Media Group in Berlin. In the meantime, global insecurity is also increasing again between states, according to Krause. It is all the more important, then, for the navy to protect maritime connections in times of crisis and conflict. ” Maritime trade, security, prosperity – this is not possible without a navy,” he said.

The Maritime Navigation Division of the Naval Command, which has drawn up the annual report since 1986, is at the national level the link between civil shipping and the German Navy. At a multinational level, the department works closely with other nations, including commercial shipping reservists. Key shipping industry partners include the NATO Shipping Center and the Maritime Security Center Horn of Africa. The aim of the work of the Hamburg office is to exchange information on the safe and free passage of maritime transport in a worldwide maritime network – as the basis for free and secure international trade.

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