National Assembly Discusses Coast Guard’s Role

November 6, 2018 – In an afternoon session, the National Assembly discussed the draft Law on Vietnamese Coast Guard, which defines the force’s mission as to fight criminal activities, ensure safety and support fishermen.

The Vietnamese Coast Guard will also play a role in protecting the country’s sovereignty and uphold order within the country’s maritime territory.

Deputy Bố Thị Xuân Linh said for the last 20 years, the Vietnamese Coast Guard has shown dedication in fulfilling its mission at sea. The force also enjoys widespread recognition within the regional and international community.

“Therefore, making the Vietnamese Coast Guard a member of the country’s armed forces is an important and necessary step to protect and manage Việt Nam’s maritime interests and resources,” Linh said.

Deputy Nguyễn Minh Sơn asked for the draft law to clearly define the coast guard’s jurisdiction and chain of command to ensure the force can respond to various situations and demands while on patrol at sea.