RFS Lena Returns to Baltiysk

November 1, 2018 (Google Translation) – Since April, the Baltic Fleet tanker has provided material resources for ships of the permanent operational connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean. During the voyage, an anti-terror unit from the Baltic Fleet Marine Corps was on board of the tanker to ensure safety.

The average sea tanker “Lena” left the main base of the Baltic Fleet – the city of Baltiysk – as part of a detachment of combat ships of the Baltic Fleet on 15 April. During the time spent in the long sea voyage, the tanker passed about 15 thousand nautical miles, made business calls to the ports of Limassol (Cyprus) and Tartus (SAR).

Carrying out the tasks for its intended purpose, the tanker spent about 40 refueling ships and other naval forces, transferring more than 2,000 tons of fuel, oils, water and other materiel.

The tanker returned from a long voyage technically sound and ready after the replenishment of the necessary reserves to carry out new tasks.