Submarine Argonaute Now on Permanent Display in Paris

October 30, 2018 (Google Translation) – This Tuesday, October 30, the exhibition “under the ocean” opens its doors to the public, inaugurated the day before by Bruno Maquart, president of Universcience, in the presence of several personalities including Hervé Guillou, president and CEO of Naval Group and vice Wing Admiral Jean-Baptiste Dupuis, Director of Navy Military Personnel.

Visitors will be able to discover interactively the riches of the depths of the oceans. The transmission of sound in water, the principle of Archimedes, the structure of the oceans and seabed will no longer have any secret for them. They will also be able to better understand the operating principle of a submarine and especially to discover the professions of the depths of which those proposed by the Navy, trades that require passion and professionalism.

Finally, they can visit the Argonaute, a submarine attack put into service in 1958 and retired from active service in 1982. What a beautiful retreat for this submarine whose home port is now Paris after Mers-el -Kebir and Toulon. Entirely repainted, it has just been classified as a historical monument. When we get inside, we are struck by the narrowness of the places in which the forty crew members lived. The current submariners measure how far they have come in terms of habitability since that time. The construction of the future third generation SNLE, which will begin in 2020, will have to integrate the way of living of young people in 2080!

An ideal exhibition to test your knowledge, know the underwater history and discover future projects.