Pilots of the Northern Fleet performed aerial reconnaissance of an ice field in the Arctic

October 27, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today, the crews of two airplanes Tu-142 of the air base of the air force and air defense of the Northern Fleet performed a planned flight in order to obtain information about the ice situation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

Pilots flew over the Barents, Kara Sea and Laptev Sea, carrying out aerial reconnaissance of ice fields. The data obtained will greatly facilitate the construction of routes and navigation in the Arctic zone, including for civilian ships.

Flights in the Arctic regions are scheduled as per international airspace regulations. Carrying out the flight task, the crews of airplanes improve the skills of passing a given course over a non-reference terrain in the absence of ground radio-technical means of air navigation. Before the flight, the crews underwent navigational training in a difficult meteorological situation, taking into account their geographic location.

Peculiarities of navigation in the high latitudes of the Arctic are the proximity of the magnetic pole of the Earth and, as a consequence, a large magnetic declination, the presence of magnetic anomalies and magnetic storms, during which the propagation of radio waves becomes unstable, which affects radio communications and limits the use of onboard radio equipment.

Flying over the Arctic complicates unstable meteorological conditions, the monotony of the area with a small number of visual and electronic landmarks. During such flights, the pilots significantly increase the level of their flight training.