Ships from Five Countries to Attend Exponaval 2018

(Google Translation) The presence of vessels belonging to the marinas of Colombia, China, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom will strengthen the strong international presence at Exponaval 2018, XI International Naval and Maritime Congress Exhibition for Latin America, to be held between December 4 and 7 in the Concón air base, which is organized by the Chilean Navy and FISA.

These naval units will participate, together with units of the National Navy, in the Great Naval Magazine that the Navy has organized for Sunday December 2 in the bay of Valparaíso, as part of the commemorative activities of its Bicentennial, a program in which is framed Exponaval.

The ships

The vessels confirmed up to this moment are the following:

BHArk of Peace “. Army of the Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China. Type 920. Displacement: 14,300 tons. Length: 178 meters Endowment: 200 people. It is a hospital ship that has participated, in addition to military exercises, in a series of humanitarian support missions throughout the world. Will arrive in Chile after an extensive tour of Caribbean and South American countries

CHINESE SHIP IN EXPONAVAL 3 - People's_Liberation_Army_ (Navy) _ship_PLA (N) _Peace_Ark_ (T-AH_866) _steams_in_close_formation_during_Rim_of_the_Pacific_ (RIMPAC) _Exercise_2014

ARM “Chiapas” P-165. Navy of mexico. Displacement: 1,707 tons. Length: 86 meters Endowment: 77 people. OPV type vessel, of Mexican construction, fifth of its series, mainly intended for ocean surveillance and patrolling of the exclusive economic zone.

RN Chiapas

HMS “Montrose” F-236. Royal Navy, United Kingdom. Duke-Type Class 23. Displacement: 3,556 tons. Length 133 meters Endowment: 181 people. This frigate, seventh of its class, is twin of the Chilean units “Almirante Cochrane”, “Almirante Lynch” and “Almirante Condell”.


ARC “July 20” PZE-46. Navy of Colombia. Fassmer class OPV-80. Displacement: 1,723 tons. Length: 80.6 meters. Staffing: 64 people. First of its kind, it is a unit built in the Colombian shipyards of Cotecmar, based on the same design of the Chilean PVOs built in ASMAR-Talcahuano.

RN ARC July 20

USS “Somerset” LPD-25. US Navy, United States. San Antonio class. Displacement: 24,900 tons. Length: 208.5 meters. Endowment: 374 people. Commissioned in 2014, this amphibious assault ship pays tribute to the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, who managed to prevent their hijackers from crashing into the Capitol on the day of September 11, 2001, impacting the plane ashore and dying all its occupants.

RN USS Somerset

USS “Wayne E. Meyer” DDG 108. US Navy, United States. Arleigh Burke class. Displacement: 9,425 tons. Length: 155.3 meters. Staff: 270 people. Belonging to the class that constitutes the spine of the US Navy (62 active units plus 5 under construction), it has been in service since 2009.

RN Wayne E Meyer

The units will be open to visit the general public on December 1 and 2 and during the development of Exponaval will receive visits from the various delegations and authorities attending the main fair of naval defense in Latin America, along with the ships of the Chilean Navy .

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