RFS Shkval Launched at Pella Shipyard

October 23, 2018 (Google Translation) – At the new shipbuilding complex of Pella, a solemn ceremony of launching the fourth in a row, the third small batch rocket ship Project 22800 was held.

The honorary participants of the event were:

Head of the Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the provision of the state defense order, Captain 1st Rank Pavel Grigoryevich Pechkovsky;
Deputy Head of the Shipbuilding Directorate of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Captain 1st Rank Mikhail Krasnopeev;
Viktor Viktorovich Chirkov, Chief Advisor to the USC on Military Shipbuilding;
General Director of Pella OJSC, Herbert Tsaturov;
Chief Engineer of JSC Almaz Central Research and Design Bureau Konstantin G. Golubev;
officers of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, representatives of PAO “Sberbank”, management and factory workers.
Vera Kochetkova, Director for Legal Affairs of Nevskoe Electro-Assembly Society, became the godmother of the small rocket ship “The Buri”.

The small rocket ship is designed to conduct combat operations in the near-sea zone and to participate in the performance of tasks in peacetime and wartime, independently and in cooperation.

Technical specifications
Length about 67 m
Width about 11 m
Displacement is standard about 800 t
Full speed up to 30 knots
Navigation range up to 2500 miles
the Caliber missile system;
AK-176MA artillery mount – 1 set;
anti-aircraft missile artillery complex “Pantsir-ME”.
RTOs are equipped with modern control systems, radio-electronic systems, radio communications, navigation, electronic warfare and countermeasures, anti-sabotage weapons, portable air defense systems.