Colombia to Build Two Maritime Interdiction Boats for Honduras

October 19, 2018 (Google Translation) – The President of Honduras, Dr. Juan Orlando Hernández, participated as an honorable witness in the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Defense of Honduras and the Corporation of Science and Technology for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industries (Cotecmar), for the acquisition of two speedboats of interception, which will strengthen the maritime shield and the fight against transnational crime, such as drug trafficking, among other security functions.

The agreement establishes the acquisition of two MMI35 intercept speedboats, with the purpose of improving maritime border protection and port security and the primary objective of strengthening maritime shields. They will perform search and rescue functions, interdiction to drug trafficking and contraband, coast patrol and special operations, among other actions aimed at safeguarding national security.

For the Honduran president, “it is important to sign this agreement to improve the capabilities of our Armed Forces and is part of a Honduras-Colombia relationship that is very useful”. He also said that “on the issue of security, Honduras has advanced a good part of the way to go” and emphasized that “the contribution of Colombia has been very important and we recognize it, as we have started a fight against crime transnational “.

“This is only the beginning of a struggle that seeks to have important results and that are recognized as a great work in the world, Colombia has not only provided its logistical support but also has allowed us to work in the scope of new and important capabilities” , Hernandez said.

The president of Cotecmar, Vice Admiral Javier Díaz Reina, indicated that the “cooperation agreement is just one more example of the relationship between Honduras and Colombia, seeking to address the threats of our people in search of peace.” In this regard, he noted that “these multi-mission intercept boats will allow working against drug trafficking, illegal immigration, contraband, among other missions,” he added.

The Minister of Defense, Fredy Santiago Díaz Zelaya, indicated that it is “important to recognize the contribution of Colombia so that Honduras achieves its objectives of peace and well-being and we will continue working hard to respond to the needs of the Honduran people.”