Dinar Supports Colombian Navy Oceanography Training

October 22, 2018 (Google Translation) – The General Maritime Directorate (Dimar) welcomed a group of naval technicians in oceanography, students of the Naval School of Sub-officers ARC “Barranquilla”, to complement the technological specialization in integrated management of coastal areas.

For a month and a half, the NCOs were trained at the Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center of the Caribbean and at the academic sub-station of the Naval School of Sub-Officers ARC “Barranquilla”, on issues related to coastal processes, program design and environmental management plans , geodesy, topography, management and quality of coastal resources, geographic information systems and remote systems.

The training sessions were guided by Dimar officials, who, based on their experience in conducting studies to generate knowledge of the maritime territory and the protection of the marine environment, support the processes advanced by the National Navy in its Training Schools.

Upon completion of their studies at the ARC “Barranquilla” NCO School, the oceanographers sub-officers group will join the different units of Dimar as port captaincies, research centers or oceanographic and hydrographic vessels, located both in the Caribbean and in the Caribbean. Colombian Pacific, putting in practice the knowledge received.