Baltic Fleet Ships Deploy to the North Atlantic

October 22, 2018 (Google Translation) – A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet as part of the corvettes “Savvy”, “Resistant”, the medium sea tanker “Cola” and the sea tug “Konetsky” went on a long voyage to carry out the planned in the North Atlantic.

Onboard the detachment’s ships are anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27PS, the crews of the detachment include specially trained units of the marines.

During the campaign, the crews of the ships will perform many different combat training tasks, including joint exercises in communications, air defense and anti-submarine defense, as well as the replenishment of reserves at sea in various ways.

Crews of deck helicopters of naval aviation of the fleet, which are based on corvettes, will conduct flight shifts in the Atlantic Ocean, will carry out training sessions on search for submarines of a conditional enemy, detection of surface targets and search and rescue operations.

The main objective of the campaign is to provide a naval presence and display of the St. Andrew’s flag in various parts of the Atlantic.