Austal Receives Advance Order for T-EPF 13

October 18, 2018 – Austal today announced Austal USA has been awarded a US$57,854,366 million order to fund the procurement of long lead-time materials for the construction of a 103-meter Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF). This will be the thirteenth vessel ordered by the US Navy from Austal.

Long lead-time materials for the additional vessel will include diesel engines, water jets and reduction gears.

Austal was awarded the initial contract to design and build the first 103-meter EPF in November 2008. The EPF is a high speed, shallow draft catamaran, designed for rapid intra-theatre transport of troops and cargo. Reaching rapid speeds of 35+ knots allows the EPF to be used for rapid deployment of conventional and special-forces with their equipment and supplies.

Since 2008, nine Spearhead-class EPFs have been delivered and are serving as an affordable solution to fulfilling the Military Sealift Command’s requirements worldwide. Three additional EPFs are under construction at Austal USA.